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What to do in Winter in Istanbul?

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What to do in Winter in Istanbul?

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Many says that winter is not the ideal time to visit Istanbul. But there are lots of things you can do in winter in Istanbul.

Calm City!
The famous attraction gates are incredible crowded during summer and spring months. And you will hardly see the environment through the people. In cold winter it’ll be much more easy to discover most of the attractions.

The White Dress!
Istanbul mostly in February and January months decides to wear the most elegant dress a city can wear. If you haven’t see Istanbul on a snowy day. Try to visit the city in winter. City will offer you amazing scenes.

Winter Cuisine!
Are into small and delicious fishes Hamsi’s, the large anchovies, sahlep (milk and orchid roots hot drink), boza (thick, slightly fermented millet drink) or chestnut? These are the beauties Istanbul offers in winter. From streets to most Istanbul restaurants you’ll regale. To find more about street foods of Istanbul, please read "11 Must Taste Street Foods of Istanbul" page. 

Economic Stay!
Nearly most of the Istanbul hotels are much cheaper comparing to summer and spring season. And you’ll enjoy a calm and relaxing stay at your room.

A little bit of shopping never killed nobody. So if you want to have a shopping experience in  Istanbul, from mid-December to late March you’ll see big posters on store windows with “Sale” or “İndirim” writing.

Holiday Festivals!
Turks don’t celebrate Christmas but that doesn’t mean that they are not decorating the city with lights, and ornaments. From mid-December city starts to be covered by many creative decorations for the New Year. Besides the half semester holiday in the mid-February, most of the shopping malls and show centers organizes amazing concerts and events for both kids and adults. Moreover 14th February on Valentine’s Day, you can spend the most romantic night of your life overlooking to Bosphorus from one of the restaurants with a Bosphorus view. Most restaurants in the city organizes special events and accommodation packages for valentines.

Do you feel that you got cold to the bones? You need to get warm and relax? It’s the ideal time of the year to visit a hammam. You can either choose the historical Turkish baths located in Old City area or you can visit one of the hotels Spa center to experience a warm and relaxing Turkish bath experience.

Tea & Coffee!
Cafes on Ortakoy shore or in the narrow streets of Old City… Istanbul offers you a wealth of choice to get the real Turkish tea or foamed Turkish coffee experience. Don’t mind the weather, choose the location as you like and enjoy the delicious drink tastes of Istanbul. To buy freshly grinded Turkish coffee you can visit Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi store at Spice Bazaar.

Leather Jacket!
You should heard about the success of Turkish leather industry and fashion.  The best time to experience this fashion is winter. You can visit one of the leather stores in Old City or in shopping malls to buy trendy and qualified leather pieces. We advise you to  take time off at  KuZu store in Nuruosmaniye during your Old City tour.

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