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January in Istanbul

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January in Istanbul

Istanbul in January

January 7
One of the best bass artists of the 21st century Avishai Cohen will be on stage at Babylon.

January 8
One of the woeldwide actors of France Gerard Depeardieu will be on stage with Agathe Natanson for their French play Love Letters at Zorlu PSM.

January 12
One of the best Turkish representatives of classic music, Fazıl Say will be on stage at Besiktas Culture Center.

January 15
Inspired by legendary group Pink Floyd, Absence will be on stage at Bronx Pi with the best songs of Pink Floyd.

January 18
One of the best plays of this era La Boheme will be screened at Zorlu PSM.

January 19
One of the legendary names of opera; Placido Domingo will be on stage at Ulker Sports Arena.

January 31
Danish representative of indie rock music; The Raveonetters will be on stage at Salon IKSV. 

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Mark these events onto your agenda and not miss the best days of the city.
January in Istanbul
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