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14 Tips For Flying With Kids To Istanbul!

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14 Tips For Flying With Kids To Istanbul!

Plan Your Istanbul Trip!

Don’t get stuck into house during holiday times because you have kids.

Discovering with them will make you see everything differently and there are many activities to do with kids in Istanbul.

We know that a flight with kids can sometimes turn into a disaster but read our advices to turn this disaster into a dream vacation.

1 -Planning!
You never know what they will need during the flight so pack enough snacks, toys and resting options.

2 - Communication!
It’s so important to prepare them about the flight experience. You need to explain each process of the flight to them. And don’t forget to mention the enjoyable ways of being on plane.

3 - Fire the Fears!
Ask them about their fears of flight and ask the things that make them feel comfortable and safe enough.

4 - Baby Bassinet!
Buy or book a baby bassinet with you so that they won’t feel that they are far from home.

5 - Hold Close the Immediate Needs! 
Before you settled on your seat, be sure that you have everything you need close to you. Pack an cabin bag is an ideal way to be organized.

6- Flight Present!
Sometimes despite all the struggle you will find it hard to cope with his/her moodiness. The best way to handle this is to put a present containing surprise bag of treats.

7- Let Him / Her Discover Each Corner!
Don’t even try to limit your kid during the flight besides takeoff and landing times. Hold her/his hands and discover the surrounding together.

8- Ssshhh!
Most of the people will be understanding your condition, don’t hesitate. But choose the on board activities quiet as possible as you can. Because flying is hard for some. So don’t make it hard for both sides.

9 - Ask for Help!
Being a mother is tough but don’t push hard on yourself too much, you are a human. Ask help from hostesses during the flight in your hardest time. They will be volunteer moms.

10 - It’s Movie Time!
Don’t forget to pack a portable DVD with the favourite movies or have a few best movies ready on your tablet for in-flight entertainment.

11 - Or It’s Game Time!
Turn your smart phone or tablet into flight mode and enjoy the games.

12 – Comfort Them!
Help them when they want to sleep and don’t forget to comfort them with calming words or lullabies.

13 -  Sit Them in the Middle!
For a safe flight have them seated between you and your partner.

14 - Help the Ears!
During takeoff and landing it’s possible to have an emergency moment. If you are flying with a baby breastfeed or have them suck on a dummy. If you have a toddler make them chew a gum or a food. This will help the pressure to the ears.


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