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Tax Free Shopping

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Tax Free Shopping


Experience tax free shopping in Istanbul!

You can enjoy your tax free shopping experience in Turkey with these 3 steps.

1 - Tax Free Point
After the payment don’t forget to ask the cashier for tax free cheque or form. VAT rates in Turkey depends on the product you purchased between 8% and 18%. The form or cheque will be given to you in an envelope. But keep in mind that the item/s you purchased should be over 100 TL + VAT.

2 – Customs Desk
Within 90 days after your shopping, take your purchased items and Tax Free document to customs desk to be stamped.

3 – Refund
You can choose one of the options below to get your refund;
1) You can get your refund immediately by showing your Tax Free document to Tax Free point officer.
2)  You can send your Tax Free document by e-mail within 90 days after your shopping and your refund will be loaded to your credit card.
3) If you are using in store VAT refund, you can get your refund immediately after Tax Free document is stamped at Customs Desk. This is the easiest and fastest way to get your refund. Just the purchased items and Tax Free document should be with you.

We advise you to use the in store Tax refund system, to have an easy and fast refund.

Useful Information…
* You should be over 18 years old non-Turkish resident and not been residing in Turkey over 6 months.
* The VAT for textile products, leather goods, carpets, shoes, bags, optics, books and food is 8% and for accessories, electronics, watches, sunglasses, cosmetics, porcelain / ceramics and homeware is 18%.

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