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What is IstanbulKart?
IstanbulKart is the most essential card to use in public transportation in Istanbul. If you are going to use public transportation more than once, this card is ideal that you won't have to deal with tokens each time you use metro, train, bus or tram. This pre-paid and chargeable card is easily fit into your wallet.

Advantages of IstanbulKart
* Multi - Purpose
Once you load enough credits, card can be used in all public transportation vehicles.

* Pre-Paid
Card is easy to use with prepaid and rechargable specialties. This prevents you to spend time in the line. Youn can load credit onto IstanbulKart at designated machines. To learn where you can load credit onto your IstanbulKart you can visit IETT's website

* Easy-Use
IstanbulKart is easily read by the reader on vehicles, so you don't have to take the card from your wallet. If any insufficient fund is detected the screen will show "Kontör Yetersiz".

* Multiple Travelers
You don't have to buy IstanbulKart for each traveler, you can use the card for everyone. 
To learn all IstanbulKart types you can visit IETT’s website

* Economic
You'll be priced from %10 discount over the normal fare of the public transportation fee.

Where To Get IstanbulKart
IstanbulKart can be bought from nearly 1500 IETT Counters such as airport, Taksim and Eminonu. You should have to pay 6 ₺ for non-refundable IstanbulKart and an amount of credit should be load on to the car. To learn where you can buy an IstanbulKart ou can visit IETT's webpage

How To Reload
The reload process is so easy that you can even reload your card in newsstand or small markets where you see "Akbil Dolum Noktası (Akbil Reload Point)". If you are going to use self-service reload machines at major stations you need to know that machines only accept 5,10,20 and 50 ₺. Keep in mind that it's better to use small amount of notes if you are going to load few load because the machines return 1₺ coin.

To check ISTANBULFIND'S Istanbul public transportation map, you can visit Public Transportation page. 


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