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Frequently Asked 30 Istanbul Questions!

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Frequently Asked 30 Istanbul Questions!

Frequently Asked Istanbul Questions

1- What is the best time to visit Istanbul? How is the weather annualy?
Istanbul can be visited anytime of the year. Temprature is always at average rates. As it has a mild climate it’s best to visit the city in spring or autumn. To learn more about the weather in Istanbul annualy and monthly you can visit Istanbul Weather page.

2- What should I wear in Istanbul?
There are no customs in Turkey and Istanbul about the clothes but it’s better not to wear too open and short things at daytime. But if you are going out at night these clothes can be acceptable.

3- I’m going to visit Istanbul for a short time. Where do I need to visit?
Istanbul offers you limitless cultural and historical places. If you have limited time and don’t know where to start you can visit How to Spend 3 Days in Istanbul or Istanbul Must Do’s pages.

4- How religious is Turkey? How will I be treated as a non-muslim?
Turkey is very tolerant to all cultures and religions as a multi-cultural city. So you won’t have any problem.

5- Should I apply a visa for Turkey?
There are no visa necessity for many countries. To learn more about this you can visit Turkish Visa page .

6- Is Istanbul safe?
Istanbul is a safe city for tourists. There are rare reported problems. Just be cautious about the pickpocketing like in every country of the world.

7- Is transportation easy in Istanbul?
Against all geographical boundaries it’s easy to travel in Istanbul. To learn more about the transportation in Istanbul you can visit Public Transportation page.

8- How do I pay for public transportation in Istanbul?
You can buy IstanbulKart for 6 TL to use in every public transportation vehicle. But you need to load credits to use it. Each journey costs 1.95 TL. But if you don’t want to buy an IstanbulKart you can use public transportation with coins costs 3 TL. To learn more about IstanbulKart you can visit IstanbulKart page. 

9- What are other transportation options in Istanbul besides public transportation?
You can use taxis or rent a car to wander around the city. To learn more about taxi fares in Istanbul you can visit Taxi Costs page. To rent a car you can visit Rent page.

10 - Where can I park my car?
If you are wandering in Istanbul with your car, there are many open and closed parks around the city. Nearly all restaurants and shopping malls have vallet system.

11 - Where can I stay in Istanbul?
Istanbul offers many different options luxurious and economic from city center to Bosphorus. To find the best places to stay in Istanbul you can visit Istanbul Hotels page.

12 - Do I need to exchange my money? Are there any ATM’s?
Euro and dollar is accepted in nearly all shops but they return as in Turkish Liras. So it’s better to change your money in Turkish Lira before shopping. There are many ATM’s in all corners of the city so you can easily arrange your business.

13 - Is it ok to drink tap water in Istanbul?
Tap water is refined but it’s more healthy to drink bottled water. You can find many international and national brands water in markets.

14 - Is it safe to eat street food in Istanbul?
The food hygiene standard is very high in the city. So don’t afraid to taste street food in Istanbul. Click for to learn the 11 Must Taste Street Foods in Istanbul. 

15 - How can I reach to my hotel from airport?
There are many ways to reach to hotels and city centers from Ataturk and Sabiha Gokcen Airports. There are private shuttles and also public transportation options. You can learn all the options at Public Transportation page.

16 - Should I prefer a tour or can I wander the city by myself?
This depends on you. Daily tours can be a great option but it’s the best to discover the city on your own. You can rent your daily tour on Daily Tours page. And if you are a wanderer you can visit Istanbul Highlights page.

17 - Is it safe to visit as a lonely woman?
A few problems reported from woman travelers. Istanbul is quite safe for woman travelers.

18 - What is the best thing to buy in Istanbul?
The best routes to buy souvenir are Grand Bazaar and boutiques in Galata. Most tourists visits carpet shops in Grand Bazaar first. You can buy great hand made carpets from these stores. Besides you can visit silver and jewelry shops too.

19 - Do I need any vaccines before visiting Istanbul?
No you don’t have to have any vaccines before traveling Istanbul.

20 - How cheap / expensive is Istanbul?
Istanbul is the 38th most expensive city in the world. Accommodation in Istanbul is cheaper than many European and North American countries but it’s expensive than many Eastern European countries.

21 - Can I find alcohol in Istanbul?
You can find all alcoholic beverages in Istanbul like many other European countries. If you like to spend an enjoyable and unforgettable night in Istanbul you can visit Nightlife page.

22 - Which languages are spoken in Istanbul? Can I communicate in English?
Turkey’s and North Cyprus’s official language is Turkish. But you can communicate in English in nearly whole stores, restaurants and cultural places. Besides German, Spanish and French are the other most know languages in the city.

23 - Do I need to have health insurance to visit Istanbul?
Yes, health insurance is demanded. There are many public hospitals but you can find better conditions at private hospitals.

24 - How can I pass to Asian side from European side?
The best transport options between two sides are ferries and metrobuses. You can take metrobus from every point of the city. If you prefer to use ferries, you can take Besiktas and Eminonu for Asian side and for European side Uskudar piers. You can check Public Transportation page to learn more.

25 - What can we do with kids in Istanbul?
Like every big city Istanbul offers many activities for all ages. There are many things to go with kids in Istanbul like; theme parks, parks, shopping centers and museums. To learn the best family activities in Istanbul you can visit Family page.

26 - Is tipping necessary in Istanbul?
No it’s just a custom. You don’t have to tip. But if you tip the average is 10% of the total amount. If “hesap dahil” is written on the invoice you don’t have to tip. Hamam staff takes 25% of the total amount. In Istanbul it’s not common to tip taxi drivers and barman.

27 - What is hamam? Is it worth to visit?
Hamam is traditional Turkish bath. There are foam message, washing  and pouch services. And it’s worth trying.

28 - Where to visit in Istanbul?
Istanbul has a rich historical and cultural heritage. There aren’t any districts that you can’t find a historical piece. To find the bests you can visit Istanbul Icons page. Besides you can find the best things to do at Istanbul Must Do’s page.

29 - Where can I find Istanbul metro map and tourist information guides?
You can find ISTANBUL FIND Metro Maps and Tourist Information Guides at partner hotels and tourist information centers. To learn all the places that you can take free visit Tourist Information Guide page.

30 - Where can I eat? What are the best places to enjoy nightlife in Istanbul?
As Istanbul hosted many cultures and civilization there are many delicious heritages Istanbul offers. To find best restaurants in Istanbul you can visit Restaurants and Cafes page.

Istanbul offers many nightlife themes to every savor. To find more about Istanbul nightlife you can visit Nightlife page.

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