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Freebies in Istanbul…

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Freebies in Istanbul…

Istanbul Must Do's

Fascinating city Istanbul offers different experience at each corner with its cultural and historical historic fabric.

There are many ways to experience city freely. Here are the top 14 freebie activities in Istanbul... 

An Amazing Church with Fascinating Istanbul View!
Built in 175,1 Hagios Giorgios  church and monastery is a must visit destination, located in the peak at Buyukada. You can enjoy a historical tour free of charge with amazing Istanbul view.

Observe City at Kandilli Observatory!
Established in 1868, Kandilli Observatory is one of the milestones of Turkish science history. You can visit the observatory on Wednesdays between 9.30 – 14.00 by taking online appointments. Besides you can visit astronomy and solar laboratory. To take appointment you can visit Kandilli Observatory’s official website.

See Bosphorus from Ulus Park!
Located in Besiktas district, Ulus Park has one of the best Bosphorus views. Always well-kept park offers a panoramic view of Bosphorus, Topkapı Palace and 
Uskudar. To learn more about parks and woods in Istanbul you can visit Parks and Woods page.

Shop in Historical Bazaar!
No one would believe you traveled to Istanbul you if you tell them you didn’t visit Grand Bazaar. Started to be built in 1461, historical bazaar houses more than 3000 stores. You can buy the best traditional souvenirs.

Cross Over Asia to Europe!
Eurasia Marathon is organized every year by Istanbul Municipality. During marathon, Bosphorus bridge is pedestrianized and you can have an unforgettable experience by crossing over from Asia to Europe.

Visit Mosques!
You can wander important mosques like Blue, Suleymaniye and others free of charge. Find more Istanbul icons on Istanbul Icons page.

Join Ramadan Festival!
Every year on Ramadan Istanbul Municipality organizes Ramadan Festivals in Feshane. During the festival, Turkish Folk Music concerts, whirling dervishes show, Ottoman Army Band concert and any other events take place. To learn all annually events in Istanbul you can visit Events page.

Read at State Library!
First Turkish state library Beyazıt State Library provides  over 40.000 rare books, 11.120 manuscripts, 26.000 periodicals, all Turkish newspaper issues, 500.000 Latin alphabet books, countless posters, maps, postcards, records, CD’s, movie discs, cassettes, music sheet, stamps.

Have a Picnic at Belgrad Forest!
One of the most visited places in Ottoman era from sultans, Belgrad Forestry is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the nature. You can have a picnic or a long walk in the fascinating atmosphere of nature.

Meet Medical Herbs!
You can meet more than 290 herb species in Lokman Hekim Medical Herbs Garden at Zeytinburnu.

Cycle in Polonezkoy!
Doga Parkı in Polonezkoy is one of the most visited places in the city for cycling and walking. You can spend an enjoyable day with relaxing natural activities. Learn more about the getaways in Istanbul on Istanbul Daily Getaways page.

Meet Free Modern Art!
Visit Turkey’s first modern museum Istanbul Modern free on Thursdays. Find more museums and galleries in Istanbul on Museums page.

Wander Free Art Gallery!
You can visit Akbank Art Gallery located on Istiklal Avenue for contemporary art pieces from local and international artists. Learn more about the galleries in Istanbul on Museums page.

Swim at Kilyos Beach!
Kilyos public beach is one of the most visited places by Istanbullians at summer especially on weekends for swimming. Rent your car now and visit Kilyos to spend an enjoyable day. Rent your car now on our Rent page

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