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Annually Istanbul Events Calendar

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Annually Istanbul Events Calendar

Istanbul Events Calendar

One of the world’s top destination Istanbul, offers its visitors the best moments. Besides its historical, architectural and shopping destinations, city offers many internationally cultural activities. Here is a quick guide for you to learn the annually events of the city.


Happy New Year!
Like many important capitals of the world, there are many celebrations take place in the different parts of the city. From street festivals to hotel parties, you can find wide variety of options. We advise you to visit Nişantaşı streets around New Year. Are you planning to start the new year in the top world destination Istanbul? You can visit "Hotels" to book your room now.


For 13 years International Independent Film Festival takes place on February.

Valentine’s Day
When at night Istanbul wears the most romantic dress. So get ready to spend an unforgettable Valentine’s Day if you are here on that special day. Looking for more romantic places to eat in the city? You can visit "Restaurants" page.


Organized by IKSV, the best international films compete in Istanbul International Film Festival. The best part of this is, we get the chance to see the world differently by different visions. To see all IKSV events you can visit IKSV's official page.

Tulip Festival
If you are in Istanbul around April, best thing you can do is visiting parks and woods in the city to see the most colorful and delicate flowers; tulips. To see all the parks and woods in the city you can visit "Istanbul Parks & Woods" page.

April 23
This day is celebrated as National Sovereignty and Children's Day. So you may see kids everywhere and you can feel the best side of being a kid, once again.

Church of St. George Day
On April 23, most Istanbullians visit one of the Prince Island's Buyukada (Big Island), to light a candle and pray. But if you are planning to visit the church, wear something very comfortable and get ready to climb the top of the hill. To learn more about the church and Buyukada you can visit "Istanbul Getaways" page.


May 19
We celebrate Commemoration of Ataturk, Youth and Sports Day on that day. You'll see more Turkish flags and hear more about Atatürk then normally.

Chill Out Festival
Lying on grass, the best chill out music and nature... If you want to visit an atmosphere like Coachella or Glastonbury, you should visit Chill Out Festival that take place on every may.

May 29 Celebrating Conquest of Istanbul
Praying rituals takes place at Fatih Mosque for Mehmed the Conqueror. Conquest portrayed at Belgradkapı and at night firework show takes place at Balat.

International Istanbul Theatre Festival
National and International theatre and dance ensembles come together for International Istanbul Theatre Festival. The festival has been organizing for 25 years by IKSV. To learn more about the festival you can visit IKSV's official page.

International Istanbul Music Festival
The oldest organization of IKSV, contains the best examples of classic music, classic ballet, contemporary dance, opera, traditional music, jazz, pop, cinema, theatre and all visual arts. Festival takes mid of June and mid of July.

One Love Festival
At the end of the June, in the best time of the summer, at a natural atmosphere spend a delighted time at One Love Festival, hosts many important musician and groups from around the world.


International Istanbul Jazz Festival
More than 20 years, International Jazz Festival takes place the first half of the July. Besides jazz, visitors can listen the best examples of pop, rock and world music.


Are you ready for a music camp? If you like to enjoy the biggest festival event of the city, you can visit Rock’N’Coke. But keep in mind that festival takes place in every 2 years, last was at 2013.

August 30 Victory Day
The city wear all the national flags, on Bosphorus and at Vatan Street you can see celebrations. 


A city for all nations! In Istanbul at the beginning of September, there are some events take place as a part of Jewish Cultural Day.

Istanbul Biennial
If you want to discover contemporary art, you can visit Istanbul Biennial, visited by over 300 thousand guests in 2013. Keep in mind that biennial takes place in every 2 years.


Akbank Jazz Festival
One of the longest festival in Istanbul, Akbank Jazz Festival generally starts at the beginning of October.

Efes Pilsen Blues Festival
The legendary names of blues comes together at Efes Pilsen Blues Festival. Takes place for over 20 years, festival lasts over a month. To learn more about the festival you can visit festival’s official page.


November 10
Don’t be surprised if you see all the life has stopped at 9.05 a.m. in the morning. Because this day and that time is the death date of the first leader and founder of Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.


Contemporary Istanbul
Generally takes place at the beginning of December, this exhibition hosts national and international contemporary artists’ pieces.  To learn more about the exhibition you can visit exhibition's official page


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