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İstanbulFind TV’s main target market is people with A and B (high and medium-high class) social economic segment who resides in 5 Star, 4 Star and boutique hotels in İstanbul. İstanbulFind is an active platform that local and international companies should not miss in order to promote their products and services to a highly selective target market.

What’s included in the İstanbulFind Package?


Can there be a better way than an İstanbul city video guide, in order to reach the most exclusive hotel guests in İstanbul? While watching the entertaining İstanbulFind TV at the comfort of their hotel rooms, hotel guests can acquire highly useful information about transportation, dining, shopping and attractions.

Because İstanbulFind TV is a 30 min. closed circuit Tv program, our guests can watch the show repeatedly whenever they wish. In addition, they can acquire detailed information about the places promoted and even make reservations.

İ provides its users with detailed company information including your company video in an İpad and İphone friendly environment. On your company webpage, besides the video, users can see your photo gallery, information about your stores, your promotional packages, destinations on map, facilities and can leave reviews about your services.

Do not forget that besides the hotel rooms İstanbulFind TV is also broadcasted on our webpage. Therefore your company information and promotion will also be acquired by many locals and tourists that are searching on what to do, and where to go in İstanbul. İ is a great platform to promote your products and services and if preferred you can make announcements and promotions thru e-marketing and even get your promotions listed on our mailing lists.

İstanbulFind TV have already signed contracts with more than 50 hotels for over 8000 rooms. Therefore, İ could reach 60.000 viewers monthly. In accordance with the high demand on our platform, İstanbulFind rapidly adds new hotels on its list everyday.

İstanbulFind also differentiates in the marketing world in terms of cost per reach with a high frequency and impression rate. For example printed press advertising costs per reach varies between 0.50 TL to 3 TL. And it could take a long amount of time for your target market to get a company awareness and start using your products and services.

With its unique marketing abilities İstanbulFind shortens this return process for your company. Compared to printed media the effectiveness of TV adds is well known and costs are relatively cheaper on İstanbulFind. Most importantly, İ broadcasts the show online and provides detailed information about your services on our website, thus reaching a much broader mass of users on an effective platform.

FlyMedi Sol Istanbul Guide Banner