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About Us

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IstanbulFind is Turkey’s fastest growing tourist media network. Information on Istanbul’s most popular tourist destinations is delivered to IstanbulFind’s viewers and users through its video center services. IstanbulFind’s touristic video content is displayed in tourism offices, travel agencies, airports and hotels. Moreover, IstanbulFind’s videos and advantageous offerings are reachable online or on mobile devices.

IstanbulFind provides hotel guests with all necessary information on Istanbul, in the comfort of their room.

The service that IstanbulFind offers to hotels is very simple and practical. IstanbulFind provides a 20-minute video presentation program, much like an in-room tourist guide magazine in video format. Thanks to this convenience, your hotel guests can enjoy the program in their room’s comfort. The program is updated monthly, aired within the closed circuit, rotating 48 times per day on average.

Upon your guests’ check-in to the hotel, IstanbulFind appears as the default TV channel in their in-room TV set.

First in Turkey!

While IstanbulFind, the widespreading city promotion program concept, is the first in Turkey; it has been airing in Europe, America and Asia for a long time. If you have been a guest of a 4 or 5 star hotel in Paris, London or New York, it is probable that you have come across such a city guide network.

Providing in-room concierge services and information about the city and hotel is an increasingly popular services concept. IstanbulFind holds the title of being the first and only provider of this service in Turkey. Having started in Istanbul, this service will be available and active in Turkey’s main touristic destinations as Antalya, İzmir and Ankara.

FlyMedi Sol Istanbul Guide Banner