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7 Hills of Istanbul

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7 Hills of Istanbul

Istanbul Hills

Built on seven hills is one of the most famous fact of Istanbul. Through the history these hills have been city’s significant centers. All of these hills located at the old part of the city at Constantinople area  sided by rampart. Each have their own characteristic and different history. Also these hills are symbolized at the Istanbul Municipality’s logo as 7 triangles. To see the logo of the municipality, you can visit municipality’s official page.

Topkapı Palace Hill
The first and the center of Istanbul, Topkapı Palace Hill consists to many important historical buildings and icons such as; Topkapı Palace, Hagia Sophia and ancient Hippodrome. You can visit Istanbul Icons page to find more icons in Istanbul. 

Çemberlitaş Hill
Hill takes its  name from coloumn at the center. Çemberlitaş Hill also consists one of the most magnificent structures from Ottoman era such as Nuruosmaniye Mosque and Constantinople stand.

Beyazıt Hill
Located in Beyazıt  district, Beyazıt Hill consists  Beyazıt Mosque, Istanbul University, Beyazıt Tower and Suleymaniye Mosque.

Fatih Hill
Located in Fatih district, hill consists one  of the biggest mosques of Istanbul, Fatih Mosque. Also you can visit one of the important mosques of the city Zeyrek Mosque on this hill.

Yavuz Selim Hill
Located in the Fatih district, overlooking to Golden Horn, Yavuz Selim Hill consists one of the most important historical building in the city today; Sultan Selim Mosque.

Edirnekapı Hill
Known as the highest hill of the city, Edirnekapı is located in Golden Horn area. Constantine’s headquarter Tekfur Palace is also located on this hill. You can visit Sultan Mihrimah Mosque, Tekfur Palace and Chora Museum on that hill.

Kocamustafapaşa Hill
Located in the Fatih district of the city Kocamustafapaşa Hill and its area consists many ruins from Byzantine era. This hill also the best hill that sees Constantine’s headquarter Tekfur Palace. Hill takes its name from grand vizier Koca Mustafa Paşa. Landmarks of the hill are; Haseki Külliye, Haseki Sultan Mosque and Bayrampaşa Mescid.

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