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5 Things To Do in Galata!

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5 Things To Do in Galata!

Istanbul Must Do's

Historical streets and sophisticated places…

Became one of the trendiest districts in Istanbul, Galata provides an unforgettable day to its guests with different activities.

Here are the 5 things that you should do in Galata!

* Panoramic View of the City!
When you see the line in front of the Galata Tower don’t show the white feather. Because after reaching the top of the tower it’ll all worth. You can watch the Old City and Bosphorus Bridge from the top. If you are alone don’t mind because landlords of the tower birds, guides visitors during their tour around the tower.

* Historical Stairs!
Build by a Jewish family for public service in the late 1800’s, Camondo Stairs will take you Karakoy. By the way, don’t forget to get photographed at the last step of the stairs with a fascinating scene on the background.

* Historical Synagogues!
You can visit historical synagogues in the district; Neve Şalom, Askenazi and started to being used as gallery for over 20 years Terziler Synagogue.

* Delicious Stop!
District offers many delicious tasted either local or international. Besides you can choose to have a break at the sophisticated cafes.

* Boutiques!
We don’t need advice you to stop by at original clothing and decoration boutiques. The fascinating and inviting atmosphere will call for you.

Briefly, in Galata, you’ll witness a real friendly neighbourhood like any other districts in Istanbul.

If you like to discover and live the daily life of Galata you can choose to stay one of the Taksim hotels at walking distance to district. 

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