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30 Things to Try in Istanbul Before You Die!

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30 Things to Try in Istanbul Before You Die!

Istanbul Must Do's

* Eat fish and bread at Eminönü!
* Shop in Grand Bazaaar!
* Eat haricot bean (kuru fasulye) at Süleymaniye.
* Spend a day at Sultanahmet.
* Have a brunch at Polonezköy.
* Wander around Istiklal Avenue.
* Smoke hookah at Tophane.
* Drink raki at Bosphorus.
* Buy grinded Turkish coffee from Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi.
* Drink coffee in Bebek shore across the Bosphorus.
* Go fishing to Haliç.
* Go on a Bosphorus tour.
* Visit Prince Islands.
* Spend a night at Galata Bridge.
* Have a breakfast at Garipçe village.
* Join Eurasia marathon.
* Watch an event at Hagia Irene.
* Drink coffee at Piere Lotti.
* Visit Eyup Sultan.
* Drink boza at Vefa.
* Feed fishes at Basilica Cistern.
* Have picnic at Gulhane Park.
* Watch Istanbul panoramically at Camlica Hill.
* Visit Istanbul palaces.
* Drink tea at Cengelkoy shore.
* Visit türbe of Fatif Sultan Mehmet.
* Have a dinner at Maiden Tower.
* Eat one of teh most delicious Street foods in Istanbul kumpir at Ortakoy.
* Celebrate Sultan Mihrimah's birthday on March 21 at Galata Tower.
* Visit old turkish baths in Old City area.


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