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11 Must Taste Street Foods of Istanbul

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11 Must Taste Street Foods of Istanbul

Istanbul Must Do's

It was inevitable to not effected by the cuisines of Byzantine, Roman, Ottoman and Anatolian civlizations. Istanbul is the face of all delicious foods of Turkey.

Don’t be suprised if you came by many peddlers selling different kinds of street food and don’t hesitate to taste them. While you are discovering the fascinating streets of the city, have an incredible feast by these tastes. Here are the best 10 street foods of Istanbul…

1 – Simit - Turkish Bagel
It’s the number one irresistible street food in Istanbul for all locals and tourists. Simit is the Turkish way of American bagel. We advise you to take the ferry, buy a “simit” and feed the seagulls during your trip. You can try all peddlers on the street for a delicious simit.

2 – Balık Ekmek - Fish Sandwich 
Common at Old City area, especially Eminönü, “balık – ekmek, fish sandwich  is a delicious taste of Istanbul. During your discovery at Old City area, visit Galata Bridge to taste the most delicious fish sandwiches.

3 – Lahmacun - Turkish Pizza
If you have never been to Istanbul and if you are a pizza-lover, you should try Lahmacun. We are assertive about this taste as to call it Turkish pizza. Think a thin dough, topped with meat, red pepper and onion. Put parsley, squirt lemon on and roll it.  Enjoy this delicious taste with ayran (buttermilk).

4- Dürüm - Turkish Wrap
If they have wrap we have dürüm. Whether it’s meat, chicken, cheese or vegetable you must try this amazing taste. Don’t worry you can find durum on a casual restaurant to most fancy restaurant in the city.

5 – Islak Hamburger - Wet Hamburger 
We are sure that now you in a shocked mood with “How crazy inventions Turks have...” face. Haven’t you go crazy for “sloppy joe” when you were watching Mary Kate and Ashley in “It Takes Two”.  Think the minced meat as meatballs. It’s the same. You should visit Kızılkayalar at Taksim Square to taste delicious wet hamburger. 

6 – Tantuni
A thin tortilla, relative of durum consisting beef and tomatoes… You can either have it spicy or less spicy.

7 – Midye Dolma - Stuffed Sea Mussel
We are sure after the first stuffed sea mussel, you won’t able to count the pieces you eat until you are full. Don’t forget to squeeze lemon on it. You’ll came by midye dolma peddlers more in Asmalımescit and Bosphorus area.

8 – Kokoreç
It’s one of the  best street foods of Istanbul. It’s the favourite street food of locals. Kokoreç is famous with a post- drunk food. What makes people gross out is that the part made from animals and it’s important to clean it thoroughly. We love it so much that there is song dedicated to Kokoreç. Listen Kokoreç song

9- Kumpir - Mashed Potatoes
Baked and mashed potato is called Kumpir in Turkey. The best place to eat it is Ortaköy. There are many peddlers selling Kumpir. Flavour your kumpir with delicious toppings like kaşar (cheese), sosis (sausage), corn, mayonnaise salad and more… Combine the best condition of potato with different mezes and ingredients, you won’t regret it.

10 – Tavuk Pilav - Chicken Rice
A small peddler car, full of rice! Chicken and rice is the best taste  for every meal for locals. You can see many of them as simit peddlers. Much of the chicken rice is combined with garbanzo. Put pepper and ketchup on it and enjoy this taste with ayran (buttermilk). The cart in front of Manifaturacılar Shop in Unkapanı is the popular one so far. 

11 – Börek
Börek is the best example of dough recipes. Cheese, meat, potato or spinach between the  layers of cooked oily dough. All bakeries in Istanbul offers great tastes of börek, you can try all of them. 

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