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10 Must Visit Passages in Taksim!

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10 Must Visit Passages in Taksim!

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Narrow gates with many cafes, shops, book and music stores take you to most important streets of Taksim. Here are the most famous passages of Taksim standing over a century. 

Atlas Passage
Located on Istiklal Avenue, Atlas Passage is a must destination in the area. You can buy newarly everything from souvenirs to jewels. There is a theater and a movie theater in the passage.

Halep Passage
Located across Atlas Passage, Halep Passage is called as Beyoglu Passage as well because of the Beyoglu Movie theater in the passage. At the entrance of the passage silver and CD stores welcomes you. Later on you will see poster and clothing stores. You can end your passage visit at the pub on the upstairs.

Hazzo Pulo Passage
Protecting its historical structure, Hazzo Pulo contains many stores from perfumery to clothing stores.

At the end of your tour at the passage you can take a rest accompanied by delicious Turkish coffee in the yard of the passage.

Aznavur Passage
Located across the Galatasaray High School, Aznavur Passage stands out with Italian like architecture. Passage is one of the most busy shopping routes on Istiklal Avenue. Narrow and moving entrance will make you find your self at the middle of the passage.

On the first floor of the passage there are clothing stores, jewelries and music stores located. At the second floor there are stalls, where Eastern clothes and jewels are sold.

El Hamra Passage
El Hamra Passage with its Neoclassic Ottoman architecture will invite you not with its architecture but the live music you hear. Because there are live music shows take place several times in a week.

Beyoğlu İş Merkezi (Passage)
Locaten on Istiklal Avenue at Odakule, Beyoğlu İş Merkezi offers many shopping options from clothing to accessory. But this passage is known as jeans center. You can find many different style of jeans almost every store.

Avrupa Passage
Located in the Fish Market, Avrupa Passage is one of the most visited passage by tourists. You can find colorful tiles, old 45’s, Turkish fabrics, souvenirs and patterned rugs. Besides you find many accessories belongs to Ottoman era.

Markiz Passage
Known as Aynalı Şark Passage before the restoration in 2004, passage history leans back 1840s. After the restoration it’s called as Markiz Passage. There are many souvenirs and famous brands stores. You can stop by at Markiz Patisserie at the end of your passage tour.

Terkos Passage
Terkos Passage is ideal for budget shopping. Beware not to lose yourself between thousands of options.

Suriye Passage
Suriye Passage is famous for the second hand stores in it. Especially the second biggest vintage store is located in the passage. The passage is 7/24 busy because of the nightclub in the passage.

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